We have Updated Our Huge Selection of Items & Designs into Four New Collections

Something Old

This collection is a nod to the Character and Romanticism of the past

Our Props and décor are inspired by not only the detailed craftsmanship of times gone by, but by the glamour & pizzazz  of the roaring twenties, due to be a huge trend for 2019-2020, and the character and of the many eras right up to the turn of the century

Something New

For the couple who love to stay up to date with the trends

This collection of modern style décor and styling is all about embracing the newest trends, which for the following two seasons include geometric shapes, metallic and shimmering colours and monochromatic colour schemes

Something Borrowed

Inspired by, and borrowed from, the Queen of beauty, Mother Nature.  

Nature holds more beauty than any of us could design, so this collection takes inspiration from, and borrows from, the earth.

From the classic rustic style of fresh florals and wood accents, to the increasingly popular ambiance of a whimsical, enchanted forest

Something You!

The collection inspired by You!

The most memorable and unique weddings for any guest are those that reflect the personality and style of the special couple. The props and designs in this collection are designed to be a canvas for you to share your unique love story, relationship, journey and personalities

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